Mission Statement

“The Emerson Police Department is committed to enhancing the safety of the community. We are committed to public service and the improvement of the “Quality of Life” of the entire community. We pledge to uphold our core values of Honor, Integrity, Courage and Respect as we provide effective police services in a professional, courteous, and equitable manner.  We will work as a team and collaborate with our residents to earn and establish mutual respect, trust and understanding. We will continue to build upon this vision, through open communication and receptiveness to new ideas. Lastly, we will be dedicated to our mission, loyal to each other, and disciplined in our endeavors to create and sustain a safe and welcoming environment for our citizens and guests.”



All department members are committed to the administration of law and order based on the constitutional ideas of justice for all, where every citizen will be treated with dignity, fairness and respect.


All department members will adhere to the highest moral and ethical standards, always conducting themselves in a manner that is fair, ethical, legal and that portrays a sense of duty and honor. Honesty and sincerity serve as the foundation in dealing with each other and the community in all we do.


As members of a law enforcement agency, we recognize that we are servants of the public. As such, we are duty bound to the highest level of community service in the protection of life and property.


Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather its mastery. We will remain courageous in our actions. We recognize that there are two types of courage: physical courage and moral courage. Physical courage is recognizing danger to oneself or to others, but persisting in our duty regardless. Moral courage is the adherence to principle, integrity, and obligation no matter how convenient it may be to do otherwise. It is putting character ahead of expediency; of putting what is right ahead of what may be popular. We fulfill our obligation and are leaders because of our courage.


We recognize that excellence is not an end state, but rather a continuing process. We will continue to seek out innovative ways to work with the members of the community we serve in order to achieve the highest level of quality in our service. We will strive for creative and effective solutions to crime and disorder, and we will work to be the symbol for excellence in the law enforcement profession.


All department members will display attitudes, actions, and behaviors that result in serving the highest interests of the Emerson community above their own. We will conduct ourselves in a manner that is consistent with professional standards. These standards include the adherence to our Mission Statement and our Core Values. We hold ourselves and each other accountable for our actions. Professionalism means having a corporate and personal set of standards for performance. We aspire to high ideals: altruism; honor; respect; scholarship; caring; compassion; communication; leadership; and responsibility.