Protecting your Business is no simple matter!

Here are a few helpful tips, courtesy of the Emerson Police Department

Whenever possible, keep your register away from the front entrance of the store.

Don’t block windows with posters, ads, or signage.  Maintain visibility into your business.

Place cameras inside and outside near the entrance to your business, this may even reduce your insurance costs!

Robbery Prevention Self-Check List

If closing down for an extended period, put the business e-mail on automatic reply, don’t say that your business is closed.

Check that you are comfortable with terms and amount of insurance coverage.

Keep the boundaries of your premises secure.

Make sure your display counters and cases are low enough to keep sightlines free.

Place your register far enough back from the door.

Install a hold-up alarm system – instruct all employees in its use.

Keep cash on hand to a minimum.

Vary your routine for making bank deposits.

Familiarize your employees with robbery prevention measures.

Check job applicant references and do complete background checks before hiring.