I am honored to be the Police Chief of the Emerson Police Department.  It is with great honor and respect that the Mayor and Council have appointed me this position.  I take on this role with Law Enforcement experience that began in 1997.  It is with this experience, along with lessons learned from not only my predecessors, but all the former members of the Department that I will continue to lead the Department in a positive direction.

The Department is comprised of 22 sworn officers and 1 SLEO III, with integrity, honor, duty and respect.  The cliché “to Protect and Serve” is the mantra that each officer has when they start their shift each day.  They strive to be knowledgeable with the latest security tactics, case law and community outreach.   This knowledge creates a welcoming community where both residents and visitors receive the best service available.

It is important to forge relationships during the good times that will help us all through the hard times.  Our officers are here to assist not only residents, but anyone who visits the Borough.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Chief Mark F. Savino