In 1903, The Borough of Emerson empowered a system of “Borough Marshals” to protect and serve the community. In 1924, Joseph “White” Biancoli was appointed a Marshal. In 1927, the Borough of Emerson passed an Ordinance creating the Emerson Police Department, naming Joseph “White” Biancoli the first Chief of Police for the Emerson Police Department. In 1949, the Emerson Police Department consisted of several Special Police Officers and the Chief of Police. In our history, the Emerson Police Department has been led by seven Chief’s of Police. Chief Michael Mazzeo currently serves as Chief of the Emerson Police Department.

The top of this page shows the three most recent Emerson Police Department patches. These patches are worn on the officer’s left shoulder to identify that they serve the Borough of Emerson as a Sworn Police Officer in the Emerson Police Department. The current patch, identified in the center of the picture, is embroidered with the Great Seal of the State of New Jersey. Unlike the previous patches, our current patch identifies the year the Borough of Emerson was incorporated, 1903.

The Emerson Police Department is currently comprised of 22 Police Officers including the Chief of Police, Captain, Lieutenant, five Sergeants, two Detectives, and twelve Patrol Officers. The Emerson Police Department provides professional law enforcement services to over 7,800 borough residents. Each member of the Emerson Police Department is a highly trained and qualified graduate of a New Jersey State Police Training Commission Accredited Police Academy. Within the Emerson Police Department, every aspect of training is consistently addressed. These training areas include, but are not limited to, Community Policing, Criminal Investigation, Drug Detection, Traffic Enforcement, Juvenile Enforcement, and Emergency Medical Response. Education and training are two elements that allow the Emerson Police Department to consistently provide professional and effective services to the residents of Emerson.

Below are several photos that offer a glimpse into our Department’s history

Chief Michael Mazzeo

Retired Chief Donald Rossi

Retired Chief Donald Rossi

Retired Chief Michael Saudino

Retired Chief Peter Mazzeo (Center)

Retired Chief Walter Hackbarth

Retired Chief Michael Solimando

Retired Chief Joseph “White” Biancoli

Emerson 1st Radio Car note in the background, Emerson Borough Hall as it still appears today.

Joseph “White” Biancoli note in the background, the Emerson Train Station as it still stands today.

Anthony (Babe) Mazzeo was the first of three generations to serve with the Emerson Police Department.