Lightning Safety Plan for the Borough of Emerson

For around the Home

  • 1 – The Emerson Office of Emergency Management will be the designated weather  watcher for the Borough.  They will monitor weather and review the forecast before each community event (all outdoor events both athletic and recreational).  At least 3 weather information resources will be utilized and also kept abreast of changes in the forecast and current conditions.
  • 2 – If thunderstorms are forecast, the president of each sport that is playing or the official running the event will be advised of the threat and review the Safety Plan.  The president will advise the coaches of same.
  • 3 – When thunderstorms are detected 10 miles from the Borough of Emerson the president of the sport and event official will be advised and make the proper notifications.
  • 4 – When thunderstorms are detected 5 miles from the Borough of Emerson all playing fields will be evacuated and events suspended.  Spectators and participants will move to a safe area (cars with windows up or permanent structures).  Dugouts and concession stands not safe and will not be used as shelters.
  • 5 – All play and events will not continue until thirty (30) minutes after the last sound of thunder or site of lightning.  This determination will be made by the weather watcher.