On February 4, 2020 at 2242 hours, PO Trace McDermott performed a motor vehicle stop on Locust Avenue for crossing over the double yellow lines on Main Street almost striking the patrol vehicle. While speaking with the driver, PO McDermott observed a syringe sticking out of a garbage bag located inside the vehicle. The driver and the passenger were removed from the vehicle. The driver consented to have the vehicle searched and additional syringes and anabolic steroids were discovered. The passenger , a 37-year-old male from Westwood, was searched and a hypodermic syringe and controlled dangerous substances were found. Also discovered under the front passenger seat was a 6-inch knife. The actor was transported back to Headquarters and charged with possession of controlled dangerous substances, possession of hypodermic syringes and possession of a weapon. The actor was remanded to the Bergen County Jail.