Traffic Unit

It shall be the primary duty of this unit to coordinate the Police Department’s response to traffic related concerns that may impact public safety or the efficiency of traffic flow within the community. The unit coordinator or their designee will attend monthly meetings of the Bergen County Traffic Officers Association and disseminate the information to the Chief of Police and/or department members as needed. They will also be responsible for applying for traffic grants, initiating and reviewing parking and traffic flow studies and making recommendations to the proper authorities. The unit shall be responsible for reviewing motor vehicle crash reports and ensuring their timely completion and accuracy. It shall also be the responsibility of the unit coordinator to prepare monthly statistical reports to the Chief of Police related to the number of motor vehicle crashes investigated by the department and the number of radar summons productivity for every department member.

Unit Coordinator
Sgt. Stephen Clark

Unit Members
Sgt. Rocco Duardo
P.O Daniel Kalyoussef                                                                                                                           P.O Anthony Mazzo