Property & Equipment

It shall be the responsibility of this unit to maintain all department property and equipment and to see to their safe and proper working condition. The unit coordinator shall be responsible for preparing a monthly schedule for assigning unit members the responsibility of ensuring that all department vehicles are clean and properly equipped. It is the responsibility of the unit coordinator and its members to keep the property and equipment areas clean and orderly at all times. An inventory of all equipment shall be kept and updated periodically as equipment is used and replaced. The Unit Coordinator is to report any recurring equipment and/or maintenance issues immediately to the Executive Officer.

Unit Coordinator
Det Sgt. McDermott

Unit Members
P.O. George Meltzer

P.O. Rocco Duardo
P.O. Daniel Kalyoussef
P.O. Randy Velez
P.O. Ryan Sokerka
P.O. Anthony Mazzo