Records Bureau

The Records Unit is responsible for maintaining, collecting and storing official police reports and forms.

Copies of police reports are generally available on the 4th day after the date of the report being taken.
These copies are available 24/7 at the police desk and the current copy fee set by the NJ State Government Records Council is $.05 per page.  All reports are reviewed by a supervisor prior to release to check for accuracy. For this reason and due to the rotating shifts worked by the officers, persons are requested to telephone the police desk to ensure the report is available prior to making the copy request in person.

Motor vehicle crash reports may be obtained by mail or fax in certain circumstances.  The fee for providing such crash reports is set by statute in Title 39 at $5.00 per report plus the $.05 per page fee.  Requestors will be notified of the cost for such reports and the fee must be paid in full prior to the report being delivered.

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