Public Safety Information

The Emerson Police Department would like to remind all residents to remain vigilant.

Summer months have arrived.  Home safety is paramount, as recent burglaries in the area have increased.
Residents should always leave lights on when not home.  If possible leave a vehicle in the driveway.  Always arm your home security system, even when your home.  Any deterrent you do will help your home stay safe during the upcoming summer months.

Vehicle safety is also imperative.  The Emerson Police Department would like to also remind all residents to keep their vehicles locked at all times.  Even when they are parked in the driveway.  Never leave anything of value in plain site, ie. briefcase, purse, ipod etc.

Any resident who is going away on vacation can utilize a vacant home check which we offer to our residents.  Simply fill out a Vacant House card in Police Headquarters with emergency contact information and the dates you will be away and the Emerson Police will keep a check on your home until your return and notify you in case of emergency.

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