In School Programs

DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Educations) International Education ProgramĀ The programĀ seeks to prevent use of controlled drugs, gangs and violent behavior.
It enables students to interact with officers in a friendly and positive manner rather then when they are in trouble. Course topics include tobacco smoking, tobacco advertising, drug abuse, inhalants, alcohol consumption and peer pressure.

Finger Printing and Identification – Officers from the Department assist the P.T.A. with the fingerprinting of all students in the elementary schools. Child I.D. kits are used for the fingerprints and immediately returned to the parents. Dental records, medical records, appearance information, Photo’s and DNA samples are added by the parent so that they will have a complete and readily accessible tool if ever needed.

Safety – The Police Department promotes safety in and out of schools and has used a variety of programs. Pedestrian safety, Internet safety, bullying and bicycle safety are some of the topics we cover. Programs such as “The Officer Phil Program” and “Otto the Auto” are annual programs utilized in the elementary schools.

DWI – Driving while intoxicated has been a focal point within the law enforcement community. Two dynamic videos are shown and discussed to the junior and senior classes that truly make an impact. They are Stone Cold 1 and Stone Cold 2. The film’s graphically highlights the dangers of driving while intoxicated.

Bullying – is the most enduring and underrated problem in American schools. The consequences of bullying can be long term and serious. After numerous tragic events related to bullying, our country has taken a stronger stance against this problem. The same producers of the Stone Cold videos (Chase Wilson) bring us two powerful film’s that gives us a comprehensive look at several issues facing teens today, particularly regarding the dangers of internet bullying, harassment, peer pressure, peer conflict, hate speech and suicide. “Sticks and Stones” and “In the Web” are two amazing films that help combat this ever so important problem.

Drug Lecture / Simulated DWI Crash – A program that the Emerson Police Department has made into an annual event for upcoming senior classes. Each year the program begins with an officer lecturing the students on the negative effects of Drug and alcohol. The officer covers law related questions, consequences, fines and positive alternatives. Next, the students watch a simulated DWI crash and are made aware of the step-by-step procedures utilized during such an intense and possibly tragic event. Actors and actresses from the Emerson High School are positioned in the cars while emergency workers respond as if it were a real life event. Police, Fire Department, Ambulance, Paramedics, Medical examiner, Prosecutor, helicopter and even a Hurst participate in the exercise.

Other Topics – The Emerson Police Department has an excellent rapport with the schools and their administration. Communication is paramount and teamwork is essential when dealing with new problems and trends. The Police Department is always available to help with the continuing education of the youths in our town.


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