Department Services

The Emerson Police Department believes that we exist to serve the needs of the community.

  Although our primary function is to protect the citizens and property of this community, we pride ourselves on our ability to give the residents additional assistance, as they require. We do this through the many different services that are available through our highly trained officers.

For instance, did you know that the Emerson Police Department has three trained child safety restraint technicians? These officers attended an intense course of study in the proper installation and adjustment of child seats into the parents’ vehicles. This service not only explains the necessary procedures for the adherence to state law, but also provides the community and the officers the opportunity to create a relationship based on the sole purpose of the safety of you children.
Safety is one of our largest concerns for the community. This department performs vacant home inspections upon request. To access this service all the resident has to do is call or stop in at our headquarters, that is manned and accessible twenty-four hours a day. If a resident is concerned about the overall security of the home our department also provides house security checks provided by an officer trained and certified in crime prevention by the state. This crime prevention officer will come to your house and make suggestions on how to improve the security of your home and the safety of your family.
We realize that we are not alone in our efforts in providing safety for the youth of the community. That is why this department salutes those students that help provide safety within the school. The safety patrol is tradition in the Villano School and so is the safety patrol picnic. This event allows the officers to show their appreciation for these students that dedicate themselves to others. The cooperative effort is an example of how this great community looks out for one another. The students are given a day off from school by the principal. They then enjoy a pool party and barbeque provided by the officers of the Emerson Police Department. The officers and the students enjoy good food and good fun- while setting an example for other students to follow.
The Community Policing Unit has become the driving force of much of our community outreach. The dedicated officers of this unit coordinate the efforts of the entire department to give back to the community. Our outreach efforts range from conducting bicycle safety checks to providing the senior residents with a “night out on the town” during our annual senior dinner.
This department attempts to reach all ages and provide all with not only a safe forum but also a warm and welcoming one as well. Our efforts are culminated in another annual event, the Emerson Police Department Open House. This event gives the officers and the community a chance to enjoy a day of fun. This event allows an opportunity for an exchange of information on the concerns of the community. Many residents are reluctant to exchange this information, however this relaxing event often creates the proper conditions and allows the flow of information to become more readily. This department welcomes this exchange, so that we can serve our community more efficiently.
The needs of our residents are of the utmost importance to us. To that end we provide some services that you may not be aware of. For instance, we perform call checks of our special needs residents who either live alone or do not have the mobility that they once had. Some of you may already know that this department maintains a voluntary list of special need residents that we reach out to in extreme weather conditions, blackouts and any widespread unusual occurrences. How does one get on this list? The answer is simple. Any resident who would like to access this service need only contact our headquarters or our officers. We also urge anyone who knows someone who may be in need of this service to please contact us, either by telephone (201-262-2800) or by speaking to one of our officers on patrol.
Safety is not our only concern for this community. The officers of the Community Policing Unit also organize an annual event – the town cleanup. These officers organize groups of volunteers to address the common problem of litter and pollution. The officers provide the materials and equipment (supplied by local businesses) for the cleanup, security of all the workers and then provide a delicious barbeque at the end of the day. Those that have participated in the event never went away hungry.
Our cooking talents are displayed in other ways as well. The officers of this department also participate in a program that extends outside of our community, feeding the homeless. The officers prepare, deliver and serve a complete meal for approximately one hundred twenty homeless people at St. Patrick’s shelter in Newark on a regular basis. Our officers volunteer their time and their talents to show what a great community they have dedicated themselves to and consider their own. When was the last time you volunteered to help in your community? We urge all of our residents to reach out and help those less fortunate than themselves.
This is a brief overview of some of the services this department provides to this great community. We encourage our residents to seek our assistance whenever they need to. If we cannot provide the assistance, we can direct you to someone who can. If there are any suggestions of services that we can help provide please contact us. Please download the Service Form from this site and submit to our headquarters for assistance, or fill out the form at our front desk when you stop by.

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