Chief of Police – Michael Mazzeo
Shield Number 828

I was born and raised in the Borough of Emerson and was fortunate to have had parents that instilled the core values that were essential to my success as an athlete and more importantly to my success as a person. Honesty, Integrity, Respect and Discipline, are the values all kids in America deserve to know. Being goal driven, never taking shortcuts and giving 100% in everything I do are the reasons for my success. I am a Hall of Fame athlete, a Sergeant in the Emerson Police Department, and a loving husband and father. It is nice to be recognized for what I have accomplished, but it’s the journey and what it took to get me where I am in life that I am most proud of. I love the Town of Emerson, I love the Emerson Police Department and I love my family.



 FOCUS: Approach Every Challenge With A Level Head, Unwavering, Focus & A Determination to Light The Way For Others To Succeed. 


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