Honor Guard

It will be the responsibility of the unit coordinator to schedule and participate in ceremonial services where an honor guard is required and/or requested.  The service provided by the honor guard will be the presentation of the Colors of the United States of America at events such as funeral services, memorial services, special events, parades or any other function requiring such service. Participation of this unit will be at the direction of the Chief of Police. Additional uniforms and/or equipment necessary for the honor guard will be provided by the department, however the unit coordinator and it members will be responsible to for the upkeep of such uniforms and equipment as specified in General Order #4.  The unit coordinator will be responsible for scheduling periodic practices with unit members for the purpose of maintaining a high skill level.

Unit Coordinator
P.O. Randy Velez

Unit Members
Lt. Michael Mazzeo
Sgt. Mark Savino
P.O. Ryan Sokerka
P.O. Daniel Kalyoussef