Computer Unit

In-House System

It shall be the primary responsibility of this unit to ensure the proper maintenance and upkeep of all computer operating systems. The unit coordinator shall oversee and ensure to the training of Patrol Officers and Dispatchers in the proper use of all equipment and programs. The Chief of Police shall authorize any purchases or changes to existing equipment and/or programs.  The in-house system coordinator shall work in conjunction with our contracted technical support coordinator and TAC Officer to ensure that all systems are updates and are in good working condition.

Terminal Agency Coordinator (TAC)

It shall be the primary responsibility of the TAC Officer to ensure to the adherence of all CJIS guidelines. The TAC Officer or his designee will make every effort to attend the monthly TAC meeting and disseminate all information obtained from same to the necessary authority. The TAC Officer shall train all department members and dispatchers in the proper use of all CJIS systems at least once a year.

In-House System Coordinator
P.O Douglas Kearns

Unit Members
P.O. Daniel Kalyoussef
P.O. Douglas Kearns

Terminal Agency Coordinator (TAC)
 P.O Douglas Kearns

Alternate Terminal Agency Coordinator (TAC)
P.O. Daniel Kalyoussef