Community Policing Unit

It shall be the responsibility of this unit to act as the liaison between the Emerson Police Department and the general public. Their specific responsibility shall be to relate any and all matters of concern or interest by the public to the Executive Officer and to disseminate information from the Chief of Police to the general public. The unit coordinators will oversee all community policing events to ensure their effective operation as well as initiate new programs designed to address the needs of the public as they arise and to create a positive relationship between the Police Department and the community.  The event coordinators shall be responsible for organizing their respective programs with the assistance of other department members.

Unit Coordinators
t. Michael McDermott

Unit Members
All Department Members


Open House
Capt. Michael McDermott
Senior Dinner

 Lt. Michael McDermott 
Golf Outing

 P.O Anthony Mazzo
Town Cleanup
Lt. Michael McDermott

Bike Inspection
Sgt. Mark Savino

Safety Patrol Picnic
 Lt. Mark Savino

Crime Prevention
Det. Ryan Sokerka