Emerson Police Auxillary

The Emerson Auxiliary Police, or Police Reserve, is a volunteer organization that supplements the available manpower resources of the Emerson Police Department.  Its nine Officers perform both scheduled and unscheduled traffic control, crowd control at Borough events, and help to secure locations where accidents, fires, or natural disasters may have recently occurred—all in the name of public safety.  Although the Reserve is part of the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management, its uniformed Officers serve Emerson’s residents by allowing the Police Department to focus its available resources upon more urgent law enforcement matters.

When called out for emergencies, Reserve Officers periodically are required to interrupt their daily activities—often for hours at a time.  Such selfless dedication to duty makes these individuals an invaluable asset to the Borough and is most appreciated by all whom their services benefit.  During 2016, the Reserve will be adding four new Officers to its ranks.  Active participation as a Reserve Officer is an excellent first step for anyone considering a career in law enforcement or just for anyone willing to “give something back”, so anyone who would like to join is most sincerely encouraged to consider doing so.


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